Innovation on Demand (IoD)

Investigate The Spark: We put the ideas under a microscope to see if it’s worth pursuing.

MacGrenor simply brings dreams to life. We deliver design tech products that offer tangible valuable to our users. We imagine the future and create it. Balancing product simplicity with technology sophistication in producing products that simply work.

MacGrenor the Man

MacGrenor is named after Theodore macGrenor, the ‘original’ creator of the world wide web. So the story goes, macGrenor and his good friend Tim were shooting some beer at Restaurant le Smash, after a hard day at CERN, when macGrenor intimated him about his little project. He had been able to connect computers at CERN with computers in his home!. You can guess what happened after…. Tim became a knight and macGrenor, well …history!. Drew Scout a very close friend of macGrenor would describe him as having “streaks of well channeled madness”

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